5 Benefits Of Having A Table Top Fire Pit In Your Home

Table-Top Fire Pit

Table Top Fire Pits Are Awesome!

There’s nothing better than having a fire pit to cozy up to, especially on cool evenings. It makes a backyard or a garden an instant favorite hangout spot, whether you’re just enjoying it by yourself or when you have guests over. 

Not all homes come with a fire pit, although it’s easy to have one installed. But since fire pits require adequate space from adjacent structures for fire safety reasons, it can be challenging if you have a small backyard or garden. 

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can still enjoy the comforts of a fire pit with a table top gas fire pit. These are more compact and emit less heat than conventional wood-burning fire pits, which make them ideal for small areas.

Fire pit table tops are readily available with a variety of designs to choose from so you can pick one that goes well with outdoor furniture you already have.

If you want something more customized to your needs, you can opt for
fire pit table top inserts instead. These can go into an existing coffee table or even one that you build yourself, turning it into an instant fire pit you can enjoy.

Table Top Fire Pits

Whatever table top fire pit you may have, you can’t go wrong with it. Here are the benefits of going for a fire pit with table top in your home.

1. It can be tailored to size and space needs

One of the advantages of a table top fire pit is that you can make it work for any space, especially if you have a small one. 

Since a table top gas fire pit is a standalone unit, you also have the option of moving it around as you please, as long as it follows building regulations. It can also be placed under a roofed patio or deck, as long as you have approval from your local authorities.

Factors to be considered include ventilation, ceiling height, and distance from adjacent structures.

2. It’s functional and versatile

If you like your furniture to serve more than one purpose, a fire pit with a table top is your best bet. The surrounding ledge can be utilized as a surface to put small things such as food plates or drinking glasses.

It also creates distance from the heat, which is a safety feature great for kids and pets.

Certain units of table top fire pits come with a cover or a lid, turning it into an instant fully-functional table when you’re not firing it up. This makes it even more ideal for smaller spaces you want to maximize.

3. It’s much safer to use

Gas fire pits in general emit less heat than their wood-burning counterparts. They also don’t produce smoke and embers which can irritate your eyes and nose, as well as your respiratory system. 

All these factors lead to less risk for fire and safety hazards, although it’s still important to exercise caution when using them.

Keep an eye out for children and pets within the vicinity, and make sure that any flammable objects are out of reach so they don’t catch fire, especially on windy nights.

Table-Top Fire Pit

4. It’s easy to maintain

With a table top gas fire pit, you don’t need to stockpile on wood just to use it. Turning it on is just a matter of flicking on a switch or twisting a knob.

Clean-up is also a breeze since there are no ashes to sweep away right after putting the fire out. You can delay cleaning and maintaining it much later when it’s cooled down, or right before your next use.

5. It works in an instant

There’s no need to wait for the wood to catch fire. When you turn on your gas fire pit, the flames will appear immediately.

Some units also offer the option of regulating heat, but even without that nifty feature, you can still be warm and cozy enough within just a few minutes.

More importantly, you can turn it off in an instant. No more waiting around for the last of the embers to die down, thereby reducing the risk of a fire hazard.