5 Reasons You Should Go For A Gas Fire Pit

Gas Fire Pit

Why Choose Gas Fire Pit? 

When it comes to getting a fire pit installed in your home, the first choice to be made is whether to go for a wood-burning fire pit or a gas fire pit. Each one has its own set of pros and cons, but it also depends on your needs and preferences.

With that said, a gas fire pit offers more advantages and is generally more versatile. You can opt for one that is powered by propane, or a natural gas fire pit which you can run from your household’s existing gas line. 

You also have more options for decorative and functional units like a gas fire pit table you can use as a surface whether it’s in use or not. There are also DIY gas fire pit kits available so you can customize one to your specifications.

Often called ready-to-finish or drop-in fire kits, these simply require you to provide the enclosure.

While you may lose out on the rustic charm and warmth that a wood-burning fire pit provides, in the long run, you can enjoy the fact that gas fire pits are safer, more economical, and require less upkeep to maintain it.


Here are other reasons you should consider a gas fire pit.

1. It’s much safer than wood

Gas fire pits are less of a fire hazard when compared to wood-burning ones. They do not produce sparks that can catch on clothes or other flammable objects in the vicinity, and they don’t get as hot. In some units, you can also regulate the heat

Additionally, gas fire pits do not emit smoke, which can irritate your eyes, nose, and your lungs.

2. It’s can be installed under a covered patio or deck

Since gas fire pits less pose of a risk, you have more freedom in terms of where you can set them up in your home.

You can have an outdoor gas fire pit under a roofed patio or deck, which will be perfect for entertaining guests or using your outdoor fire gas pit even in the dead of winter.

Make sure to check with your local authorities about installing a gas fire pit in your preferred location. Some factors to be considered include proper ventilation, flooring, and ceiling height.

3. It’s low maintenance

With a gas fire pit, you don’t need to gather wood. Besides the hassle of either chopping wood yourself or buying some from the store, this saves you on storage space at home.

When you’re done using your fire pit, there’s also very minimal clean-up involved since you don’t have to clean ashes.

4. It turns on and off immediately

Unlike wood-burning fire pits that can take a while to start, gas fire pits can get a fire going instantly, at the flick of a switch or a knob.

Similarly, after using your gas fire pit, you can just switch it off immediately and let it cool down on its own.

There’s no need to wait around for the last of the embers to die down, which is something you cannot avoid with a wood-burning fire pit.

5. It can match your décor

Gas fire pits allow you to get more creative with its design so you can easily match the rest of your outdoor furniture or achieve the ambiance you’re going for.

There are so many ready-made options available, but a DIY gas fire pit offers more customization options. You can make it your own even more with decorative pieces such as fire glass, rocks, or faux wood. 

You can even invest in something more functional like a gas fire pit table, which has ample space on the sides for you to put some things down, like a drink.

Some units come with a cover, so you can use them as full tables when you’re not using your fire pit.



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