Fireplace Tools and Accessories to Have on Hand

With certain fireplace tools on hand, you can make the most of your fireplace any time of the year!

There are accessories and tools to help you accomplish a variety of goals with your fireplace — from keeping it burning longer to increasing air quality to keeping it clean and much more.

In addition to functional purposes, fireplace accessories can be used as a decorative piece in any room.

best fireplace tools

Here are the most essential fireplace tools and accessories to have in your home. 

Fireplace tools

Most fireplace tool sets consist of 5 essential pieces: andirons, bellows, poker, tongs, and the brush and shovel. 

You’ll often see these tools standing beside a fireplace, but maybe you’re not sure what each one does. So, let’s go over their functions now.

The andirons: Andirons are decorative and functional. This horizontal bar holds up the wood in your fireplace, which is an essential function for allowing airflow to keep the fire going and to prevent too much smoke from forming. 

The bellows: A bellows is used to deliver air to a specific spot of the fire. Using an airbag controlled by two handles, it directs air out of a nozzle so you can target certain areas of the fire that need it. 

The poker: Fireplace pokers are also called stokers, and they’re used as an extension of your arm so you can maneuver hot materials (like pushing logs around) without burning yourself. 

The tongs: Using the tongs, you’ll have more control of handling hot material than a poker can give you. They allow you to easily pick up and move materials, rather than just pushing them around like you can with a poker or stoker.

The brush and shovel: These two tools are used together — think of them as a broom and dustpan. Once the fire is out, the brush is used to collect the ashes into a pile, and then moved onto the shovel to be removed from the fireplace. 

Fireplace tools are often used as a decorative piece in the room. Even if your tools aren’t utilized often, or at all in the case of an electric fireplace, they can still be a conversation piece that brings more charm to any room. 

In addition to these fireplace tools, there is a variety of fireplace accessories that can be useful as well. 

Fireplace cover

A fireplace cover is an important tool for an outdoor fireplace. Like a barbecue cover, the fireplace cover will protect your fireplace from the elements, including water when it’s outside.

If you put your fireplace away for certain months of the year, the fireplace cover will also be useful for protecting it while it’s stored. Just be sure to let your fireplace cool before covering it!

Fireplaces aren’t the only fire sources that can use fire covers either! Fire pits often come with covers, as well. In some cases, these can transform the fire pit into a table that can be used for socializing and serving drinks and food. 

Fireplace grate

Most fireplace grates are made of cast iron or steel, and they’re another way to increase airflow in the fire. As a general rule, the heavier the grate, the better and more durable it will be.

Grates allow the fire to burn more efficiently and prevent too much smoke from forming inside your home by channeling it out of the chimney instead. 

A fireplace grate can also help protect your fireplace floor from damage, as well as making your fire easier to light and allowing for a more complete burn. 

There are different types of fireplace grates to choose from, depending on the look and function you’re going for.

These are some of the most common choices:

Fireplace grate heaters: These require a bit more of an investment than a standard fireplace grate. However, a grate heater can produce more heat for your home, which means you won’t need to use your in-home heating as much.

They work by blowing heat out into the room through hollow tubing. A grate heater is often thermostatically controlled which means the fans turn on and off depending on how hot the air in the tubing gets. 

Steel grates: If you plan to burn wood as opposed to coal in your fireplace, a steel grate could be the way to go. Their bars are spaced further apart which is appropriate for holding up large pieces of wood.

Cast iron grates: For a coal-burning fire, a cast iron grate is a more durable and practical option. The bars are closer together which means small pieces of coal won’t be falling through the gaps.

These grates are heavier and more durable. They can also be used for wood-burning fires. However, the closer bars mean less airflow will be able to reach the wood. If you do buy a cast iron grate for a wood-burning fire, look for a wide grate that can hold more wood. 

Fireplace screen

With a fireplace screen placed directly in front of your fire, you help stop sparks from the fire from exiting the fireplace. This can help prevent fires from starting in your home and is also a way to keep children and pets away from the fire.

A fireplace screen can also serve as a decorative piece in your home. There are a variety of styles available, from simple metal screens to more elaborate pieces that can become the focal point of the room. 

Because fireplace screens serve as a decoration too, even electric fireplaces can work well with them!

For example, the
Ingleside Firebox Insert has incredibly realistic flame technology. Adding a fireplace screen in front of it can make your room look even more cozy and inviting. 

Log holder

You can use a log holder to hold a small supply of firewood right by the fire so your firewood is more accessible.

When you have a log holder nearby, you won’t need to trek outside or wherever you store all of your firewood each time you want to add a log to the fire — a saving grace on cold winter nights! 

Log holders are often placed by electric fireplaces that don’t need logs simply because they immediately make any room look cozier and more charming when they’re stocked with wood.

Whether you have an electric fireplace or a wood or coal-burning fire, there are accessories and tools available to help you make the most of it or just to bring a little more charm to the room. 

A portable firepit is also a perfect way to warm up. Accessories and tools for these are also available for the safety use of everybody.  

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