5 Reasons to Choose an Electric Fireplace Insert

If you want the ambiance and charm a fireplace brings without the cost and space a traditional design can take up, an electric fireplace insert could be just the thing for you! 

Before we get into why an electric fireplace might be right for your home, let’s cover exactly what they are and how they work. 

What is an electric fireplace insert?

Unlike traditional fireplaces that use gas or wood or to make heat, electric fireplace inserts provide heat using electricity. 

Types of electric fireplace inserts

There are two types of electric fireplace inserts: electric log sets and electric firebox inserts. 

Electric log sets recreate the look of a log fireplace except low energy LED lights provide the glow, rather than fire. These sets don’t require installation — they just need to be placed inside of an existing fireplace unit and plugged into the closest outlet. If you’d like the cord to be hidden, you can have an electrician add an outlet inside of your existing fireplace box. 

Electric firebox inserts do require some installation, although it’s minimal. There are all sorts of design options to choose from when it comes to electric firebox inserts — from recreating the look of a log fireplace or coal basket, as well as traditional or more contemporary designs, like the look you get with glass ember beds. 

Now that you know more about how electric fireplace inserts work, let’s go over 5 reasons it could be the perfect fit for your home!

1. They require little to no maintenance or cleaning

Traditional fireplaces can be great — but they don’t come without work! On the other hand, electric fireplace inserts require almost no maintenance or cleaning. 

Any maintenance an electric fireplace insert requires includes:

  1. Maintaining the exterior
  2. Changing light bulbs
  3. Keeping the fan clean 

To clean the exterior of your electric fireplace, simply use a lint-free cloth and warm soapy water (rather than glass cleaner). When the glass is cleaner, the display looks more realistic and aesthetically pleasing. 

You’ll likely agree: the work it takes to clean an electric fireplace display is much less than sweeping up ashes, cleaning up ember burns, or dealing with messy firewood. 

Your electric fireplace might also have light bulbs that need to be changed approximately every two years. Before you do this, be sure to refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions. 

If you use an electric fireplace for supplemental heating, the fans may also need to be cleaned. However, an electric fireplace heater will usually have fans and a motor that are pre-lubricated and don’t require any maintenance. If your fan does need some cleaning, you can do this with a vacuum, an attachable wand nozzle, and a small brush.

Before working on any electric fireplace maintenance, ensure the unit is unplugged, and always read the owner’s manual first. 

2. More style and design options

When you install an electric fireplace insert, you’ll have a lot more creative freedom in choosing a specific design and look. After all, the best electric fireplace is one that not only works well but looks great too! 

For example, a more modern look might be what you’re going for in your home. In that case, something like this 50-inch ivory wall-mounted electric fireplace might be right for you.

electric fireplace insert

Or maybe you’re on the lookout for a more traditional looking fireplace. This 28-inch Ingleside firebox insert could be a great option for you thanks to its incredibly realistic LED flame technology. 

3. Impressive versatility 

One way you’ll get more versatility from an electric fireplace insert than a traditional fireplace as that while they CAN be used for heat, they can also be turned on so you get the visual effect of a fireplace without it giving off any heat. 

For example, in an entertainment center, an electric fireplace might be a great aesthetic touch, but you may not always want it to provide heat. In that case, you’d turn on the visual effects of the fireplace but not apply the heat setting.

In the event you do want the heat from your electric fireplace, most models can heat a space between 400 and 800 square feet. You can also set a timer for your electric fireplace, adjust the flame height, change the flame color, and much more. This allows you to get the best of all worlds, depending on what you need at that time. 

When it comes to versatility in an electric fireplace, it’s hard to be the 60-inch sideline elite recessed model. In addition to 6 flame color options and 10 media color bed options, it also has 3 flame speeds, 2 heat settings, and it can remember flame and media colors to allow use with light switches or smart outlets. This model includes a log set, crystals, and driftwood, and it fits nicely in an entertainment center. 

4. Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Electric fireplace inserts can help you save money in a few ways. 

Not only are they less expensive to buy and install, but homeowners can also save money in other ways: no more paying for costly natural gas or firewood and no more paying for chimney sweeping, fireplace cleaning, or other maintenance costs.

Your electric fireplace won’t emit toxic gases (like carbon monoxide) into the air. So not only are they environmentally-friendly in this way, but they’re also a safer option for the home.

5. Safety

If you have young kids or pets in the home, an electric fireplace is the way to go! You won’t need to worry about burns as almost all electric fireplace inserts have “safe-to-touch” displays. 

Unlike many other portable heaters, they can also be placed on nearly any stable surface and any material, including carpet. As you would with any other electrical appliance, it’s important to keep them away from liquids and flammable materials, mainly because of the wall plug-in and the cord, as opposed to the fireplace itself. 

Electric fireplaces can be a beautiful, affordable, efficient, and versatile option for any home. You can get all of the things you love from a traditional fireplace in a convenient electric fireplace insert installed in just minutes! 

If you’re convinced an electric fireplace insert is the right choice for your home or you’d like to have a look at some of the options you have, check out this selection of the best electric fireplaces on the market!